The term ‘social media’ refers to every marketing action that takes place in the media, specifically those that are based on the Web 2.0, where internet users can talk, express their views and participate.

Today, clients are online based and claim to be heard by their brands. It’s a fantastic opportunity to attract, retain, and maintain daily communication with your customers.

It is simply the fastest and easiest way to contact and access a range of people interested in you or your business.

Using Social Media Marketing tools implies talking face to face, no more differentiation or cold relationship between brand and customer. Clients demand to be heard and we listen. That's what they value most, feeling involved with the brand. Now, every marketing effort becomes much more personal.

In addition, it’s important not to be afraid of having a conversation or receive feedback from customers. This means that the brand has nothing to hide, it’s a positive asset that translates into an increase in trust and sales.

Remember when to your customers’ opinion you had to do an exhaustive analysis or surveys that took months to be analyzed? Social media networks offer us access to reliable information related to our customers. Here we can ask questions that will be able answered instantly. Quickness ​​and reliability for customer feedback.

Reaching a large audience is not complicated if the work is done by professionals. Viral marketing is a natural consequence of a well done job. If our customers consider the content interesting, they will share it. Thus, creating a free publicity wave for the brand.

The benefits of having an online campaign might be different depending on each company, but usually we talk about proximity, visibility, sales and loyalty.

Social networks themselves are just means to an end. Depending on your target, they may or may not be included in a strategic plan or service that might cover much more.

The possibilities that the Web 2.0 offers includes many other things, such as, audiovisual production, Internet presence via a website and/or blog, among other channels. These are just some examples of tools to use for any kind of campaign and strategies.

Is all that is said about you or your company on the internet, or in other words, your brand’s reputation online. It’s the result of the users’ views and opinions, those who interact or have interacted with your brand.

Why is it important to maintain a record of your online reputation? Both positive and negative feedback of your products, services, or staff, can influence future decisions about whether to trust in acquiring your services or products.

If customers appreciate good customer service, online immediate attention, they will feel greater confidence while purchasing your services or products.

Being or not being present on social media it’s not the real deal, the real issue is how. Every business, eventually, is going to be present on social networks, and often times on channels that have not even been created by them. Some are created by employees, customers...that are interested in giving the brand some online presence.

In a way, some people have already criticized or could be doing so at the moment, but we're not there to listen. Not being able to listen what is being said about us is certainly a significant disadvantage towards your customer service and the ability to improve. Negative opinions are one of the elements that we would want to minimize when offering social media management.

We manage the entire online presence, including social media channels, websites or apps, thus avoiding the need to turn to multiple suppliers.

We hire the best qualified and prepared staff. Graduates in marketing, journalism, computer science, among others.

We prioritize excellence and price competitiveness. This way, we offer an excellent price-quality ratio.

Our specialization is to fit our customers’ requirements and needs. Whether it is for small or medium business or a multinational campaign, we have the product that meets each company’s objectives.

We'll make sure that does not happen. We always work ahead with a series of policies and guidelines that prepare us to any online crisis. In addition, the communication will be based on a our previous brand training and content provided by the agency.

For our customers, especially those with high-risk content, and concerned about their communication we offer solutions that eliminate any possibility of unsuitable content being published.

Our policies address that and will be reinforced with staff training. In addition, the company accounts will be managed by professionals, not amateurs, and will have have specific indications of what content can be published.

As an additional measure, all data will be saved under the Personal Data Protection Act (LOPD)

Maybe some are not and the campaign won’t have an impact. However, many others do use them and for them, our social media activity will be beneficial. Also, we will be able to access new and prospective customers that we would not have been able to before.

We have our own designer that carries out a completely custom made design for you. As custom as the web you are visiting right now.

We work creating tailored websites, static or fully accessible for the client when modifying content. We only need to know what you want to make it possible.

Templates can be a good way to balance the budget without giving up on design. In some cases, we suggest it as a possibility but never as the only option.

The word comes from the phrase Public Relations and has the primary objective of maintaining a brand’s good reputation and visibility online.

The PR will be a qualified professional with charisma and in charge of the brand’s visibility, creating a positive reputation via web pages, external blogs and social media.

With high quality content the brand’s name will spread out. This will help brand online positioning, only with quality information addressed to the potential client and target audience.

Of course! The most important thing is to know whether you have time and if the person carrying out the work has the skills needed to lead a social media marketing campaign.

Then, we will develop a training plan tailored specifically for you and/or your team, fulfillinf your company's needs.

Ask us for more information without commitment, we will give you our honest opinion about all the possibilities.