Some of the points we base our work to improve and offer the excellence to those who decide to trust us:

  1. Quality: We consider important to keep learning and recycling ourselves to stay aware of everything related to the online sector. Also, we hire best qualified and prepared staff for each new objective and/or project.

  2. Service: Not only our clients, but the clients of our clients are the most important thing to us. The aim is to achieve, at all times, the 100% of satisfaction. The quickness, the kindness and the constant adaptation of tastes and needs for each client are essential to our daily work.

  3. We only work in projects that we believe in. It’s always best to sell and communicate something that you believe in. For this reason, we only work in projects that we love and that we see viable.

  4. We believe that “good, nice and cheap” blend in perfectly well with “excellence, efficacy and efficiency” It’s believed that great quality, great image and great price products do not exist. We are here to convince you that the best quality, is not necessarily have to be unapproachable.

  5. Handmade online marketing is best. If everything is automated, constantly repeat the same message on social media channels is not the quality we like to offer. We believe in manual labour, in revision and personalization. We love technology, but we don’t like robots. We would like to offer you an Account Manager that knows the exact reason for each one of your posts and comments on the social media channels.

  6. We are global citizens. Even if we are located in the Balearic Islands, we have clients from different parts of the world. Our customers will always feel us near, no matter how far we are.

  7. If prices improve, the first ones to benefit are our existing clients, not new arrivals. Each client will benefit from the best price, ALWAYS.