We know what we’re doing and we would love to do it for you
We are focused in communicating in social media networks, to stir up emotions, to provide expertise in online marketing and create stunning designs. In essence, we help you sell what you're selling, providing new perspectives and experience.

Online Public Relations

We help you reach the top with the best assessment.

If you live from your client’s opinions and you know that they are the ones to fidelize and the need to grow, this is your service:

  • We have contact with the best of the internet (bloggers, influence web pages of your area of business...). They will help positioning your brand with opinions and presence. Maintaining this relationship is important for your growth. Influencers will be next to you
  • We carry out public relations campaigns in order to accomplish a positive reputation and engagement with those that matter you most. Not only we promote the articles and opinions at a individual level, we also prepare creative campaigns to unify all these actions to create a big communication wave
  • We know that linkbuilding is important, therefore we bear it in mind in our campaigns
  • Your contacts are yours and that’s why we leave at your disposal all those people and companies that adore your brand. You might need them someday!

If you want to grow online, combining it with our social media marketing service, you will reach the top!


We believe in human development and that everyone has the right to be trained and learn.

Thus, we provide various training options and tools so that with proper training you will be able to work on your project

Internally we carry out custom courses, we adapt to the online marketing strategy set for yourself or your team. This way, you'll achieve specific qualities and expertise regarding the social networks needed for your strategy or business area

It doesn’t matter where you’re at, we offer distance courses or we move if you are not in Mallorca. If you prefer, you are welcome to visit our offices

As external trainers, we attend to various training courses conducted by other companies or training organizations

Web Design and Apps

Our mission is to provide effective web solutions that reflect the identity of our customers and are based on the latest trends and needs

We create attractive, unique and user friendly web pages. Made with any kind of design and different sizes to suit each industry area, from personal web pages to international corporate websites. Unique web pages that are a reflection of you and your business.

Moreover, we also offer custom applications designed exclusively to achieve the objectives of your communication campaign, for PC or mobile devices


We are Google Partners, which means that we will work side by side with Google to create Adwords campaigns for any budget, language or country. With us you will be able to:

  • Be among the first results on Google for your potential clients.
  • Have banners on websites of interest that will attract potential customers.

As with Google results are quick, we don't work with long contracts, you are free to leave at anytime or increase your budget on the go!